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Free! Swarm Retrieval


  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Always free
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Healthy honey bee hives naturally swarm: it's how they reproduce in the wild. A swarm will look like a giant mass of bees that have usually landed on a tree, bush, fence, or pretty much anywhere. The main thing is that they are 99% harmless! I say 99% because there is always a risk of being stung when it comes to bees but swarms eat up a bunch of honey before leaving their old hive so they are usually too fat and happy to worry about stinging people. Plus, they have no home or brood (baby bees) to defend yet. Swarms generally only stay in one place for a few hours to one day before they find their new home so PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY SWARMS! Do not harm them! Contact us to get them and rehome them for free. *Disclaimer* This service is ONLY for Camden County, GA; Brantley County, GA; and Glynn County, GA.

Contact Details

+ (912) 409-0070

White Oak, GA, USA

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